• When Meara Came to Visit

    (For little Meara, who lives far away…but her trail at Sunny Cove connects to the 4,500 mile North Country Trail.)

    I had a dream the other night, that Meara came to visit.
    There was a noise out on our deck. I quickly called “Who is it?”

    “It’s Meara, Grandpa!” she replied. “I’m here today. It’s me!”
    I dropped my pen and writing pad. Could this really be?

    Yes! At the front door, there she was, standing on the deck!
    She’d hiked past lakes and over hills. Through forests. Quite a trek!

    “Granddaughter, you’ve surprised me so. I’m impressed with how you walk.”
    “Yeah, Grandpa, I’m a strong, fit kid. Have you got time to talk?”

    “Of course I do” I said to her. “We’ll talk, just you and me.”
    I grabbed some cookies Grandma made, and brewed Library Tea.

    We talked all night and into day. We could have talked forever.
    Then she said “I must hike home. Trail walking makes me clever!”

    “I’ve learned it’s safe and easier to hike out in the daylight.
    So off I go. I’ll see you soon.” ┬áThe sky was blue, the sun bright.

    “Hike well into the woods…on Meara’s trail. Don’t miss it!”,
    I spoke as I awoke from my dream, when Meara came to visit.


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